Revolve Industries Inc. employs state of the art rolling and bending equipment.

Davi 4-Point Plate Roll:

Capacity of 5/8″ (16mm) plate steel over 72″ (1,800mm) width

DAVI MCB 4 Rolls

WidthThicknessInternal DiameterYieldUTS
Rolling10 ft1” 1/1673”40,000 Psi65,000 Psi
Prebending10 ft7/8”73”40,000 Psi65,000 Psi
Rolling10 ft15/16”73”50,000 Psi75,000 Psi
Prebending10 ft5/8”73”50,000 Psi75,000 Psi
Rolling10 ft3/4”22”40,000 Psi65,000 Psi
Prebending10 ft5/8”22”40,000 Psi65,000 Psi
Rolling10 ft11/16”22”50,000 Psi75,000 Psi
Prebending10 ft1/2”22”50,000 Psi75,000 Psi

Faccin 4 Rolls with Linear Design

Guaranteed Capacities with material yield strength. 260 N/mm2

Bending thickness (full length)1425mm14mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)1425mm10mm
Bending thickness (full length)370mm9mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)370mm8.4mm
Bending thickness (full length)1425mm18mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)1425mm13mm

Guaranteed Capacities with material yield strength. 360 N/mm2

Bending thickness (full length)1425mm12mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)1425mm8mm
Bending thickness (full length)370mm8mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)370mm7mm
Bending thickness (full length)1425mm15mm
Pre bending thickness (full length)1425mm10mm